Schulthess Kerzen  
Schulthess Kerzen Duftkerzen  


The founder of Schulthess candles GmbH, Theo Schulthess, started in 1978 under very simple circumstances, in a former cow stable, to manufacture candles. This resulted in the label Schulthess swiss candle design. Where at the beginning only stood a cooking stove and some pans today are placed smelting kettles with a daily capacity of 900 litres of molten wax.
Under the maxim – natural design – variety of colors – top quality and handcraft an assortment of candles, which became famous especially because of its variety of colors, was created.
Nature tones, colors from the range of the plants and the sea determine the aesthetic feeling of our society in various ways. This abundance of colors inspired the design which is today the trademark of Schulthess candles.
The reproduction of colors close to nature, the natural swirl surface and the special flake design confer aesthetic and a powerful beauty to the candle. All the products are still today 100 % manual work. Exclusively high quality paraffin and quality-wicks are used. The assortment covers today 100 different colors in more than 40 sizes.

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